About Us

Our Experience

With over 20 years of experience in focusing on workplace cultures, we created REYFYA  to help your business have the culture of your dreams.  We’ve helped establish cultures that have been featured by Forbes, Fortune, Inc. 5000, When Work Works, Great Place to Work, and The Best Places to Work.  Our goal is to show you the human side of culture by providing tips on how to make your business more enjoyable, highlighting businesses who knock our socks off, and hopefully visiting your company to develop your culture into one of the best ever.

Our Approach

“Happiness is a true indication of someone’s success” said someone… we hope.  Lose the jacket and loosen the tie and we’ll show you that playing video games at work can increase your revenue, that learning the mating call of the North American Sasquatch can develop better leaders, and that playing Spikeball can improve corporate strategy and teamwork.  By investing in your culture, you don’t stop working. You actually foster innovation, happiness, empowerment, and can accomplish more business success than you’ve ever imagined!  ​At REYFYA we believe culture eats strategy for lunch, we cut the fat, tell it straight, and include as many irreverent references as possible.  We use millennial approved sources and examples to shed new light on company culture, and hope to win a few laughs along the way.  


REYFYA (ray-fee-a) means culture and life in Na'vi.  Na’vi is a constructed language spoken by the Na’vi people on Pandora in James Cameron’s film, Avatar.  We love movies and think it is an important part of culture, which is why we wanted to be part of ours.  Also, have you ever tried to say culture in Klingon, Elvish, or Parseltongue?  Trust us, Avatar nailed the language thing. 

Blake Beard

Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer

With extensive background in training, recruiting, and human resources, Blake has led thousands of trainings for companies of all sizes, and is known as the bees knees of presenters. His personal style of infusing content with entertainment has made him the highlight of any cultural experience. 

Jared Olsen

Co-Founder & President

Having made the transition from HR to the C-Suite, Jared has seen that the root cause of business success is cultural emphasis.  His leadership philosophies have resulted in being selected as a CXO winner, and he has led his workplace to be one of the best places to work in Utah.  Lacking Blake's humor, he's the numbers guy.